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Medical Board Licensing Verification

In order to purchase the post-op course or bundle, you must fill out this form before proceeding to the checkout page.

Please note that by submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have the correct credentials to view the materials in this program. You need a license to take the Intro to post-op course because of the increased amount of medical information that is infused into the program as well as the heightened medical nature of caring for dolls. While surgery has become glamorized, it is governed by a heavy medical foundation and to properly protect clients as well as a providers practice, we have opted to NOT allow anyone who doesn’t have a strong medical foundation as a prerequisite. These medical professions are: massage therapists, estheticians, phlebotomists, dermatologist, and nurses (does not include CNAs).

In order to complete your enrollment for Intro to Post Op or the bundle, you MUST enter your State Board License number. We will verify your license. If you are enrolling into Intro to Body Contouring and are not licensed by your state board, type N/A.
Choose the state where you are licensed.