The Learning Center

Welcome to the Learning Center. So, this is how it works… The FREE courses are your introduction courses that will give you some insight on the quality and type of content we provide. The PREMIUM courses are the business courses we teach to our Dollmaker Society members & Beauty Business owners. Every class with a fuchsia colored sash in the title on the thumbnail is included in a Dollmakers Society Membership. The membership comes with a discount code that can be used on all classes and courses EXCEPT for the TOSI Lecture series. There is a hand database technique of 300+ hand sculpting videos; you get access to those for free as well with your membership. The CHALLENGES each have a specific business goal to help you scale your business. & the TOSI Lectures are the foundation for this industry. Take the time to go through the “How to get started” industry map. If you have any questions? Sign up for a free Blueprint Call. 

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