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In this installation, we have a very brave student who assisted in detailing this exercise. Often, I will tell you all WHAT you need to do and? I’ll even describe HOW to do it. But some things? you need visual or actual examples of it being done to apply this powerful tool to your practice.

Not every concept or principle will be able to be achieved in 10 minutes, 10 days, or even 10 weeks. Some projects you’re going to start, put down, walk away and revisit at a later date– while others you’ll complete in one sitting. We are starting to compile full examples of how to execute harder concepts as they arise, and documenting them for others to review as you learn to apply these techniques to your business.

This directly ties into the training that teaches “Pain to Profit”, converting your past trials into monetized triumphs.

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TOMIKA @bodiedbythebay