Financing Options

How We Paying for This?

Most quality courses will leave you feeling like this but not here at TOSI! Cause you got options!

Ok so coming from someone that worked her way back from homelessness, sleeping in a car with her son— I know exactly what it feels like to want something really super friggin bad and then not be able to get it in that moment. 

The drive is there. 

The determination is there.

The dreams are there.


The finances may not be… or at least not to be able to snap your fingers and change your situation just like that. 

So, we built in financing options to help lighten the burden of wanting to change your life + chase your dreams + & not wreck your bank account in the process to do it.


The TOSI Method Finance Your Dreams

(that totally sounded way cooler in my head but let’s roll with it)

There are three options to make your dreams a reality
& ideally converting your purpose & passion into profits.

Select the plan best for you!

Pay in full all on one card or payment source

The way this option works is we now allow you to break your payments up amongst different platforms instead of having to pay via one payment source.

  • Need to toss some coins to us on Zelle? No problem. 
  • And then part of it needs to be split up amongst a card or two? We can do that for ya!
  • Need to send some over on CashApp and then want to pay the last little bit through Venmo? Got it we can make that happen!
  • OR want to be sent a no interest invoice that you make different payments on (creating a structured payment plan)? We can do that as well. 

Send us a lil message to ptmstudios@gmail.com and let us know how you would like your structured payment, well, structured!

We know that new programs, high quality courses, and medical based programs can be expensive.

Our friends over at Flexx Buy made some customized plans to help fill in the gaps where you need them with on the spot financing and approvals up to $50k!

Make a minimum deposit of $800. The remainder of your balance is financed in house with 13% interest (this is spread out through the entire financed amount and usually doesn’t amass to more than around $300). You will speak with our school Bursar to set up your remaining payments of either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments.

The way it works is you start the program by making just a $100 deposit on the course of your choice. From there? You literally pay-as-you-go. You make payments on your course whenever you want as little as $100 each payment and as much as you want thereafter. You can use multiple cards if needed. There’s no payment schedule— pay as your life allows. And as soon as the program is paid off? Send us an email; we’ll check your payment history and manually move your fully paid for course to your TOSI™️ account of enrolled courses and added to the private Graduate group where I teach daily reinforcing the material taught.

One more Thing...

And lastly, if your situation doesn’t allow you to leap quite yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get started flying. Our Dollmakers Society membership is perfect for anyone interested in this industry. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in the sea of craziness and overwhelming semi contradicting info (welcome to our world! This is where we make sense of the madness for you), OR you’ve been slanging bodies and booties left and right for some time now, the Dollmakers Society Membership will hone your skills while also teaching you brand new ones.

I can’t wait to see your glow up! Come join me now and together keep building out this industry… one life changing course at a Taime (<—- that’s pronounced “Time” btw. Play on words because my name is Tai… did you see what I did there? Nevermind  you not ready for these play on words!)