Moving Into Other Industries With Accurate Information

Have you ever sat back and thought about all the other industries our one industry may touch? Let’s be honest, whether someone opts to get some work done or not: THIS INDUSTRY IS INTERESTING! On the outside looking in, our industry is intriguing af. Body transformations, fancy machines (that you would only assume are expensive, regulated, and hard to get ahold of so you MUST be an über professional), and talking heads on social media using big fancy words. And to all of those people are on the outside looking in— YOU are the expert to them. You will always look like an expert to people who know less than you.

How many audiences are in this industry? Not an exhaustive list but let’s explore a tad:

  • Surgical staff
  • Surgeons and Cosmetic reconstruction professionals
  • Medical assistive staff
  • PostOperative providers
  • Transporters & Recovery staff
  • Sx Bloggers
  • Retailers (in and outside of the industry)
  • Dolls, Kens, & Vets
  • Ancillary professionals such as nutritionists, PCPs, ER triage, seamstresses, etc.
  • General public interested in getting surgery
  • General public just watching the “show

Need elaboration? Great, we were just about to!

Those last two are a breeding ground for compartmentalized generalizations based one exposure, awareness, and self appointed opinions. From the stay at home mom, to the military vet, to the personal trainer, murder mystery podcast host, to the weekly local news anchor that saw your post on their explore page.

To the general public, a level of cognitive dissonance is introduced by what they see, and associate those interactions and associations in the medical field to be universal. Here’s why: they don’t know that there’s levels to this. They are so removed from the depths of this Glass Onion, if they see YOU, they think you are a leader in your space; you become “their go-to plug”. Not only does it create a danger of egotistical exalting, but it has the ability to validate and empower the wrong people or energy.

Anyone outside of the plastic surgery space isn’t aware of tumescent fluid, or the difference in bodywork methods, or even how under-regulated the industry is. They lack the professional awareness or insight to discern from “who to listen to” and “who is passing around basic information with confidence because they don’t know much more than what they show you.” It’s similar to seeing someone in a football jersey of an all-star team, you don’t stop and ask what position they are— assumptions just get passed that (1) they’re a player on the team, (2) they have the ability to catch and run the ball, and (3) they have excelled at their sport; not realizing they are the team Mascot who knows little to nothing about the actual sport and snorts coke on the sidelines when no one is watching.

The Body Altering Aesthetic expectations & demands

Being a provider in the Body Altering Aesthetics industry is a gift and a joy. It is an honor to help guide people on their way while they’re charting a Cosmetic Self Love Journey. And the beauty of being apart of it with Taime Out Sculpting Institute is you have the opportunity to become exactly who the public thinks you are.

Putting fun words on a social media flier, facebook page, or website are great for marketing; but being able to read a client’s body, translate what is going on a cellular level, and interpret it into a customized bodywork protocol that matches their body goal desires— is an educational gift. Being able to have conversations about presentations with confidence and accuracy is a learned skill. 

Occupational Authenticity

When the public looks in, what story will you show them? When they see the “jersey”, what associations will they make in contrast to the ones you personally embody? As industries merge and paths cross, more and more outside professionals will find out about the Body Altering Aesthetics industry. Will you be ready to live up to the expert status that will be placed on you [that you may not have asked for]? 

Do a mental check of your technique comfort, industry knowledge, problem solving, but most importantly? Your CSL quipping skills. Quipping is the ability to have a deeper, quick-paced conversation about topics in your industry with facts, intellect, and confidence. CSL Quipping? Is the ability to flow through an Sx Community topic with conversational ease, dishing out surgery and sculpting details with pro-like accuracy.

If you would like help with your quipping, Phase 1 CSL Therapy TOSI Arise Program lecture may be just what the doctor ordered, and the dose of educational freshness you needed! Let’s set up some time to speak about your academic, professional, and quipping goals.

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