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We understand that not everyone has stacks sitting around to pay for some life changing courses (yet). But that’s part of the reason why you’re here, right? I remember there was a time when I needed help and everyone either thought I was looking for a handout, a sponsor, or I was scamming so asking for the money was out of the question. And then the way banks are set up these days, getting hard for out house financing is more difficult than putting an Adidas jumpsuit on a baby goat.

Thus we’ve created a low interest no credit check in-house financing option for those that like to take their time, grow slow, and feel secure in the process. The way it works is you start the program by making just a $100 deposit on the course of your choice. From there? You literally pay-as-you-go. You make payments on your course whenever you want as little as $100 each payment and as much as you want thereafter. You can use multiple cards if needed. The cost of this amazing feature is just 8% above cost of any program you choose. There’s no payment schedule— pay as your life allows. And as soon as the program is paid off? Send us an email; we’ll check your payment history and manually move your fully paid for course to your TOSI™ account of enrolled courses and added to the private Graduate group where I teach daily reinforcing the material taught.

That’s it. That simple.

I have become committed to creating solutions I wished existed when I was first starting out AND? Being who I needed back then for YOU now. Low stress, low red tape, high quality. That’s our promise to you.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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