One less thing to think of that was made FOR YOU. This book is a one stop tool to keep all of your client details organized and structured.


We created a high yield resource for massage students, nursing students, postOp therapists, body contourists, and after plastic surgery providers. Our mission is simple. We strive to innovate, create, and improve products in the medical space and subsequently solve the greatest challenges in our world of the medical industry.


The CSL Therapy PostOp SOAP Notebook


Low-Profile and minimalistic notebook design

  • Premium Materials- All notebooks include detailed template pages and premium binding
  • Organized- keeps everything organized and conveniently for back to back clients
  • 60 complete progress notes and A&P templates – each notebook comes with 1 reference sheet – designed for therapists, by therapists. Optimized to have all the fields that you need and nothing else
  • 5 page view- each page consists of 5 templates that are oriented stacked a top of the last for a convenient view to review client’s treatment session

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in