The Original TOSI Program

I wanted to call it the OG Program but the team talked me out of it.

Our original program was everything! It was all that and a bag of chips with a soda on the side. However, it wasn’t without its apprehensions and drawbacks:


  • class sizes were larger so it made it a bit more challenging to get around to each student
  • harder to see during the demonstrations
  • took longer to teach the content

As time persisted with each class we taught- during a global pandemic might we add- we also noted other obstacles arose. Travel bans were put in place and we weren’t able to gather the same as before, work schedules threw off being able to come to in-person classes. Having to home school children or find child care that was still open; health statuses, and financial restraints also became problematic for some students who were interested in training with us.

The other thing the trainers at TOSI noticed was HOW people learn.

If you were to come to us and say ” Hey! I see you speak Arabic. I’ve always wanted to learn Arabic… can you teach me Arabic?” and we tell you YES… if we were to sit down and over the course of 4 days teach you thee entire Arabic language- at the end of those 4 days, would you be proficient in Arabic?


Absolutely not.

The brain gets to a certain point that it needs to sit, and just be; spend time with the information that it has been presented with. There’s a certain point in learning where the brain plateaus and in the moment, no matter how well explained any new information is presented, it will not be absorbed. & these modalities: (1) PostOp & (2) Body Contouring are new languages.

In response to all of the feedback and information we received from our original program, we allowed it all to evolve us and created The 3 Phase TOSI Program.

Through these 3 Core Phases, our original program is dispersed to meet and match your learning style with your current lifestyle, allowing you to expand and grow however as needed.

The 3 Core TOSI Phases are:




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For quality Postop-indur courses that teach the comprehensive details of what’s going on with your clients during each stage of their postoperative journey past standard Advanced MLD courses, The TOSI Method is the solution you’ve been searching for. Check out our FAQ section, visit our “How To Get Started Map“, and sign up for a FREE Blueprint Call to discover the 3 TOSI Phases + enhance your Cosmetic Self Love educational journey.